Brake Repair Service in Yellowknife, NWT

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Working Brakes Mean Safer Driving

Making sure you look after any of your vehicle’s systems is a good idea and a sound investment, but nothing is more important to have working properly than your braking system. Getting started and on your way is important for any successful trip, but knowing your brakes will bring you to a stop when you need them to is paramount to the safety of you and your passengers.

You could wait until you notice something’s wrong with your brakes before coming in to see us in Yellowknife at Yellowknife Motors to get it sorted, but leaving it until that point could be leaving it too late. Brake-fade, pulling to one side, vibrations through the pedal, or a loud metallic grinding or squealing sound when you apply the brakes are all symptoms of an issue with your brakes, but so is nothing happening when you stomp on the breaks and that could be catastrophic.

On the other hand, you could book your vehicle in for a brake service with us here at Yellowknife Motors so our GM-trained and certified technicians can inspect your brake shoes, brake lines, rotors, and hydraulic system for wear, damage, leaks, and carry out any necessary repairs or replacements.

With the peace of mind of knowing your braking system has been professionally serviced, every journey will be worry-free and safe for you and your passengers.

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